With its rapidly-growing economy, highly-rated schools, beautiful scenery, and ever-increasing recreational opportunities, the Amarillo area is an excellent place to work and raise a family. To learn more about the Amarillo area and what it has to offer, please visit the links below.


The Amarillo economy has been exhibiting steady growth for a number of years, driven by the efforts of community leaders to bring large employers to the area. These efforts have paid off with increasing job opportunities in many sectors, including healthcare, high-tech, and manufacturing. Major employers include Bell Helicopter, Pantex, and Tyson Foods, among many others.

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With over 200 days of sunlight per year, four distinct seasons, mild summers, and an average annual temperature around 60°F, Amarillo's climate makes it an extremely enjoyable place to live. For an overview of the Amarillo climate, click here.

Growth and Demographics

Amarillo's many economic opportunities, beautiful climate, friendly people, and many amenities make it one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. In just the past 7 years, Amarillo's population has increased by an estimated 7%. With an unemployment rate well below the national average and a thriving housing market, every sign points to Amarillo's continued growth and success.

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The Amarillo area has consistently high-performing school districts. The Canyon and Bushland Independent School Districts have both been recognized by the Texas Education Agency for high test scores.

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Housing Market

Amarillo's housing market is very strong, and hasn't shown a serious decline since the late 1980s. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors showed that Amarillo's median home price grew by 11% between 2006 and 2007, the 10th highest growth in the nation. With the stability of the market and the steady growth in population, Amarillo real estate has proven to be a profitable long-term investment.

As Amarillo continues to grow, many people are choosing to live in the many smaller and quieter satellite communities that are within a short driving distance of the city. These communities, which include Bushland and Canyon, are experiencing marked growth, with an influx of new businesses and young families.

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